Simple, Scientifically Proven Techniques, Guarantee Integration of New Highly Effective Behaviors, Without Spending Thousands of Dollars or Wasting Huge Amounts of Time 

Fact: If you Want Improved Results, Something Has to Change.

We are never too busy to deal with a crisis because we have no choice, but when it comes to improving our life it always seems to take a back burner. This leads to all kinds of stress and anxiety that is completely avoidable. The great thing about a New Year starting is that we take a moment to assess our life and see what we want to improve. This is an important and valuable exercise.  So what happens?

  1. We identify the results we want; lose weight, make more money, spend more time with family and friends, take a vacation, get fit etc.,

  2. Then we swear that this time it will be different and we will actually make it happen,

  3. Then, after a few weeks we fall back into our old habits and are left feeling discouraged and disappointed.

Sound Familiar?

Don't worry, you are not alone.  Statistically  90% of all New Year’s resolutions fail. And yet we keep making them hoping this time it will be different.

Wouldn't it be great if those results actually happened?    Imagine having the confidence that you could IMPROVE any area of your life.  It starts with understanding...


You see, most people don't understand how their brain works, so they keep fighting a losing battle with their existing habitssuffering as they try to change them, until they finally give up.     Fortunately, research reveals a better way to change ineffective behaviors and with NO SUFFERING!

Knowing how to reprogram your brain is an important part of making a change stick but it is only one of 10 factors we have identified that can stop you from successfully integrating the change in your life.




Many change efforts fail because they don’t deal with some part of the change equation.

Any one of these can stop improvement in its tracks.  On the other hand, if your change effort addresses all of these challenges, then your change has a very good chance of lasting. We have been helping organizations with the first 4 challenges for over 3 decades and now, by utilizing technology, we have created an affordable way to deal with all 10 factors.

What that means is that improvement actually happens.  That in itself is something to celebrate, but there is another benefit that is equally rewarding.  Every individual who completes the program will not only create a change that produces improved results, they will also have an understanding of how to make other successful changes, and they will prove to themselves that they are the type of person who can make change happen. They will be confident and competent at creating lasting change.

Imagine you could change any behavior you wanted. Would it change your life?

Of Course!

  • The 4 Stage Goal Achievement Process

  • Online Learning and Coaching Events

  • Progress Tracking and Reporting

  • Practical Tools

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The Genesis of the Program

For the past two years we have been searching for an easy and affordable way to address all 10 factors that make change difficult. We had already developed solutions for the first four factors. That is where we developed our expertise over the years.

So we began our research with this question in mind.  What are scientifically proven, effective ways to improve results?  We read book after book, study after study, article after article and began to find answers to our questions about how to make lasting changes in our lives.

What we ended up with was 5 scientific discoveries that led us to create the structure and content of this program.  It is that unique combination of three decades of experience helping people overcome the internal challenges and the science of how to overcome the external challenges that makes this program so effective and actually delivers improved results.

Meet the Co-Creators of Make 1 Change

Dennis Hilton

"For the past 30 years I have been helping people to make successful changes in their lives and in their businesses.  The key to improved results has always been the implementation and integration of the training I provide.  I am thrilled that there is finally a system that deals with change implementation efficiently and effectively."

Rnold Smith

"I love helping people get closer to their ideal life.  Forget magic formulas. You need to understand what stops you and build your life one step at a time.  I went from being penniless and feeling like I was a failure to living in a custom built house with an amazing family doing exactly what I want to do with my life.  I spent years figuring out the best way to create success.  Let me teach you exactly what I have learned and save you countless hours and tons of heartache."

Addressing the 10 Change Factors

  • No Change Structure

    Successful people have systems in place to ensure their goals happen. Developing the right structures in your life is a critical component for success.

  • Insufficient Support

    Sometimes we are at the top of our game and sometimes… were not.  Having sufficient support helps us to keep going when we just don’t want to so we don’t quit on ourselves.

  • Unrealistic Expectations

    We work out for two weeks and expect our bodies to be transformed. We make 10 sales calls and expect our income to double. We don’t see immediate results so we stop.

  • No Accountability

    Breaking promises erodes trust.  Unfortunately the person we most often break promises to is ourselves. External accountability is so important.

  • Resistance to Change

    Many people simply resist or reject change automatically. However, thinking you will get different results by doing the same things is simply crazy.

  • Not Truly Motivated

    People let being comfortable be more important than the life they really want. Do you really want to choose comfort if it means you wasted your one shot at life?

  • Limiting Beliefs

    People struggle to see themselves differently. Their beliefs dictate what is possible in their life. For people to change they must see themselves differently.

  • A Lack of Change Skills

    How do you reprogram your brain?  Most people don’t understanding what it takes to create new positive unconscious behaviors.

  • No Progress Tracking

    Compounded small improvements are what makes success an inevitability but they are hard to see.  Keeping tabs on progress inspires action.

  • No Sustained Effort

    Adding new more effective unconscious behaviors is the key to the life you really want.  Most of us do not keep at it long enough to embed the new behavior in our brains.

The 12 Week Program to Improve Your Life

  • 1


    You will analyze different areas of your life to identify gaps between what you have and what you want. It also provides us with a way to measure the effectiveness of the program for you.

  • 2


    This is not about enduring a punishment for the duration of a program. (i.e. a diet) This is about choosing a change that will have a positive impact on your life from this point forward. Yes it is possible for YOU to have your change become a reality.

  • 3


    The chances of a successful change is greatly enhanced with greater support. We have created specific support guidelines and process for this program so that getting and giving support is super easy.

  • 4


    These events are interactive and packed with the information you need to win the mental game of change. All through the program we will be providing you with the information you need to make a successful change. These include White Papers, Videos, Tips, Graphics, Emails and more. If you can't make the live event, don't worry, we will make a recording available to you.

  • 5


    One of the most important aspects of this program. Many people fail to change because they lack the support of others.

  • 6


    This is an interactive program. We have created an easy to use responsive system so that we can customize the content you receive to address exactly what you are going through.

  • 7


    Each week you will see your change become more and more integrated into your life. You will be learning what stops you from making successful changes and overcoming your challenges. You will be getting the support you need to make your change happen.

  • 8


    Creating lasting change can be a challenge. The fact that you made it to the end of the program is a reason to celebrate. The fact that you have integrated a change that will keep improving your life is a double reason to celebrate. Now that you know how to create lasting change, keep going! Use what you have learned to improve every area of your life.

The Value


    These events will take place Thursdays at lunch time between 12 and 1 PDT.  They will be packed with the material and concepts that will not only help you with your change, but provide you with valuable tools that you can use in every area of your life.  The content will be customized for each group based on the feedback we are getting so that it deals directly with the specific challenges that you are facing. These sessions will be recorded and available by video if you are not able to participate in the live event.


    Coaching may be the most effective way to get the feedback you need to improve.  Each week we will work with your specific issues.  You may find this to be the most valuable part of the program. These sessions will be recorded and available by video if you are not able to participate in the live event.  The best athletes continue to get coaching no matter what stage they are at in their career.  If the people at the top of their game get coaching, shouldn’t you?


    A very important aspect of this program.  Our structure makes sure that you stay on track. There is much written about setting goals.  We have looked at many different studies, and all kind of models and incorporated the elements that have been proven to work. Sadly, it is often easiest to break the promises we make to ourselves. Reporting helps you to get more “skin in the game”.


    These contain information that will help to educate yourself about change and the change process. How does the brain work? What is inversion? How do you overcome frustration?  We will be providing a great amount of information that will help you become a master of change. One of the best ways to improve yourself is to increase your knowledge.  These studies will be focused and specific so that you save time getting the information that really helps you.


People often pay thousands of dollars for improvement programs and get zero lasting results!  If you bought each of these elements separately you would pay  $1,287 but that is not the cost of this program.  We know that is a big investment for most people.  We know that you have probably been burned before spending thousands of dollars on courses that have made little or no difference in your life.  We know that if we want to make this accessible to the people who need it most we can't charge that much.  So we are taking $1,000 off the price and charging only $397

BUT - as a special introductory offer, you can get 12 weeks of support for Only $97! We are not sure how long this offer will last so take advantage today.

That means your cost is only $97.  Less than a hundred dollars to change to an ineffective behavior that may have been ingrained for years, or maybe even your entire life? Yeah, we know.  How can we offer this amount of support for only $97?  We can't. So take advantage of this offer while it is still here because it definitely won't last forever.

$397 only $97 (Special Introductory Offer*)

*Offer may be revoked at any time without notice

Read This Before You Buy

Do not buy this program if you are not committed to taking action.  We don't want this to be another program that people buy and then do nothing with. We want better results for you.  This program is designed to easily fit into your life.  You can consume the materials at any time. The reminders and tips are automatic.  The assessments and reports can be done from any device. We make it as easy as possible for you to take action BUT, only you can make it happen.  You will need to commit some time.

  1. Approximately 90 minutes at the beginning of the program to complete your assessment, select your change, watch the videos and read the articles.
  2. 50 minutes each week to attend the learning events or watch the recording and to read the weekly article.
  3. 5-10 minutes to complete your report each week and send it to your supporters.
  4. A few seconds to read each reminder or tip.

So 90 minutes in the beginning and 1 hour each week after that.  Too Busy? Yeah, we get that a lot.  The truth is that most people wait for a CRISIS before they take action to make things better.

The actions that will make the biggest difference for our future, like exercise, eating healthier and spending more time with the people we love, are important but not urgent. Successful people make time to do those things that make the difference for a brighter future.

We want you to choose to do the program, but only if you are prepared to invest the small amount of time in yourself required to get better results.  We don't expect you to be perfect and you don't need to be.  If you don't read every article or watch every video you can still make a successful change.  The program is designed with that in mind. You DO need to be committed to your change, to following the program and to making your life better.

If you really want to improve your life then proceed. We are so excited to work with you.

The 12 Week Program to Improve Your Life - $97

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Sceptical.  We hear you.  We are so convinced that this program will work for you that we are offering a money back guarantee.  If you participate fully in the program and are still not satisfied with the results, we will give you your money back.

So let’s recap.  Pay less than $100. Create a new effective behavior in an important area of your life, learn the tools we have been developing for 3 decades, and if you’re not satisfied we will give your money back. Yes, that’s the offer.  A little crazy, true, so take action before we change our minds!


What Others Are Saying

“Dennis is all about one thing:  helping you to get the results you want to achieve.  His principles may sound simple, initially, but it’s only when you start working intensively with them, and applying them to your own life, that you realize how effective and how powerful they are, and how much you may have been getting in your own way without realizing it.  Dennis provides powerful tools for change and personal growth.  One advantage of working with a great coach is that you learn that how you see yourself may not always be how others see you – but in the coaching scenario, this insight is coming from a helping place.  Coaching with Dennis not only gave me lasting insights into myself and how to be a better and more effective manager, it also taught me how to work more effectively with the people around me.”

“It may not seem plausible but there has been a significant shift in the team as a result of the two days with you and Dennis. Employees mended some past hurts between each other during a debriefing circle. There were tears, heartfelt apologies, and a feeling of camaraderie and meaningful purpose. So thank you again.” (from the Executive Director)


“Amazing facilitator. It is quite incredible that Dennis was one of the most engaging facilitators, without needing the use of PowerPoint or electronics. Just flip charts and great examples. Skills and concepts were repeated and applied throughout so it was not hard to take them away and be able to apply them. The Better Results Model is stuck in my head – hence why keeping flip chart paper up for the two days is better than flipping past a PowerPoint slide. Also really appreciated that the important concepts were introduced early on in the first day, rather than leaving all the important stuff for the end.”

“I’ve learned a lot about myself in this course and feel as though I’ve been in denial regarding some areas in both my personal life and my work life. The content in this course has really opened my eyes and I wish to apply the information that I have learned to better myself, in all areas.”

“I thought this was the best course in the SCP Program.” (SCP = the 8 course Supervisory Competency Program of the Alberta Public Service)